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Dance in the heart of colors

RedBlue Color Printing Co., Ltd.
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Founded in 1965, Red & Blue has accumulated more than half a century of experience, synchronized with world advanced printing technology, providing customers with abundant expertise and high-quality products. We create diverse printing services, extend the boundaries of printing and pursue ultimate performances. Let's interpret classics and work together in this beautiful world of colors!

❊ Brands serving

National Palace Museum, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Toyota, Dentsu, Amway, Double Crane, Formosa Plastics Groups, Alliance Bernstein, Scholastic, KiwiCo, Happy Three Company, Natural History Publications, Benesse, China Airlines, CIMMEDIA, UNIQLO, DNP, TOHAN, Cheil, Samsung, Defence International, WeddingsTW, Fo Guang Shan, Taipower, etc., …

Red and Blue won many international renowned printing awards, including the Benny Award, the highest honor in world’s most prestigious international print competition. We’re excited to join a select group of gold winners taking graphic design and printing to new levels.

And that’s not the only honor we received, more awards like The Sappi Award, Taiwan Golden Print Award are listed in the “Awards” section, click for more details.

❊ Awards
❊ Service features
1. One stop services
  • Design

  • Prepress

  • Printing

  • Post press

  • Delivery

2. Ultimate color performance
  • G7 color management 

  • Master in FM screen printing

  • Dedicated image retouching team 

3. Green printing
  • FSC certification

  • Soy Ink

  • Alcohol-free Printing

  • Environmental protection plates

  • Reduce waste, eliminate chemicals

  • Going Solar Power

❊ Products
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