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❊ Management Overview:


In Red & Blue, quality controls are carried out in each department to ensure correctness of the product. We established not only operating standards, but also cultivated spirit of continuous improvement. In order to promote the realization of quality objectives, Red and Blue sets the following six management principles:

  1. Customer focus.

  2. Supervisors fully exert leadership.

  3. Encourage all staffs to participate.

  4. Develop standard processes.

  5. Systematic management.

  6. Continuous improvement.


❊ Our Teams:


Red & Blue has over one hundred talented and experienced staffs. Among them seven have master degrees (two awarded from USA, five from Taiwan), seventy staffs have university, college & community college degrees. Red & Blue also builds long-term cooperations with printing related departments in Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan University of Arts, Chinese Culture University and Shih Hsin University to cultivate young talents. Red & Blue’s growth is fully fueled by the capable and dedicated staff.


Strive to become an innovative enterprise, make printing applications advance with the times.


Promote social progress and development by our enthusiasm and professionalism!

Pursuing Excellence, Dedicating to the Printing Art! 1965 ~ 

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