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Going Solar

Solar power generation is one of the most promising alternative technologies for reducing CO2 emissions. Red & Blue installed 634 solar panels on the roof of Yangmei plant, which generates 200,864 kwh of electricity a year, and is equivalent of saving 110 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Alcohol-free Printing

Red & Blue uses alcohol-free dampening solution in the printing process, which can accurately control the water-ink balance and ensure excellent ink transfer. Because it does not use alcohol, it removes damages to humans and equipments. In addition, the evaporation of alcohol will take away water, and the use of alcohol-free dampening solution also saves water.


Red & Blue has been an FSC-certified printing company since 2010. We believe sustainable forestry is of utmost importance.

In order to protect forests, the resources of the paper, Red & Blue is acting responsibly to comply with FSC standards, letting customers purchase with confidence.

Eco friendly plates

Red & Blue make good use of Kodak SONORA XP process-free plates. It is a thermal plate using press-ready technology to go directly from platesetter to press with no intermediary processing or clean-out chemical step. 

Soy Ink

We use printing inks made from soy oil. Compared with traditional petroleum-based inks, the former is more environmentally friendly and the colors are more vivid. Red & Blue has been using soy ink since 2005, working closely with well-known Ink manufacturer DIC (Dainippon Ink and Chemical Corporation) to apply the best inks to printing production at any time.​

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